Saturday, March 19, 2011

Original Scrap Box Giveaway

The Original Scrap Box is having a giveaway! Please go check it out and like their page. Someday I will own one!

Father's Day Card

This is a Father's Day card I made for my dad a few years ago. He is known for his delicious bbqing. He is also know to have a can of Budweiser in his hand as well, especially when he is grilling. this Dustin Pike Image was perfect. I believe it is part of the bbqing set he did.

Thanks for stopping by and as always love to read your comments.

Recent Merry Birthday Cards

I was a slacker last year for my nephews, niece and sisters/brother in-laws Birthdays and Christmas. So I recently made Merry Birthday cards for the kids and cards with my sisters collector animal on them. Each card had either $$ (kids) and gift cards for the parents. They were all a big hit. Of course I used Dustin Pike images for every card. Please keep in mind the pictures were taken with my cell phone. Need to find my camera charger.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dustin Pike Spring Showers Challenge

Thank you all so much for your are all so uplifting. I look forward to posting more.
I am a huge fan of Dustin Pike and his digital images. It is rare now to receive a card from me and not have one of his images on the front. This is my first Pikes Playground Challenge. I am very excited to be entering.

He also has a monthly membership you can join and he creates images just for those who are members. Highly recommend it! Almost every Wednesday he has a freebie on his blog. Again, Highly recommend checking his sites out. From his blog you can go to Doodle Dragon Studios where you can purchase his amazing talent!

This is also my first post on my new blog created just for showcasing my creativity. I look forward to posting more later. I will be going to a scrapbooking retreat next week and plan to do quite a bit of creating. Stay tuned and thanks for stopping by!